Project Crusoe Edit

Project Crusoe is an exploration of the wilderness project. While doing it I hope to create maps of the different levels of wilderness, and explore as far a as possible, and come up with new strategies to fight off enemies, and mine in peace.

People We Need Edit

-Someone who can stitch photos together (I'm trying to figure out how I can do it)

-People to get pictures of their wilderness, so we can compare them, and see if they are all the same

-Strikers, or people to just go diving as far as possible to see how many maps there are.

Info Edit

Add all info you can get right here

-Anyone who can stitch photos(and stitched photos)

-pictures of the wilderness(preferably unharmed)

-how many levels you have made it into the wilderness

I am currently working on this some... but it would help if someone with mithril helped :) easier striking