A bestiary of all enemies in the game.

Picture Name Health Recommended Sword* Base Damage Minimum Damage**
Bat 20 Copper
(1 Hit Kill)
5 1
Bee 20 Copper
(1 Hit Kill)
10 1
Slime 40 Iron
(1 Hit Kill)
20 1
Not yet rippen Ekans
Snake 80 Titanium
(1 Hit Kill)
40 2
King Maggot
Worm 160 Tungsten
(1 Hit Kill)
60 3
Eye 320 Mithril
(1 Hit Kill)
100 5
Ghost 520*** Mithril
(2 Hit Kill)
200 10
Knight 640 Mithril
(2 Hit Kill)
300 15

* Minimum sword recommended for most efficient killing. Better swords, of course, are equally effective against the enemy.

** Minimum damage after being reduced with a Mithril Shield (95% reduction.)

*** Apparently I miscounted. Seems as though they have more health than I thought.

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